Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bloody Vaginal Discharge Is Annexitis It?

Bloody vaginal discharge is annexitis it? Annexitis fallopian tubes and ovaries is the result of infection caused by inflammation, mostly due to the long-term IUD use, pay attention to personal hygiene, not strictly for uterine surgery, etc. These factors will make invasion of bacteria, causing inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. Bloody vaginal discharge is a symptom of certain diseases, and vaginal blood is not annex inflammation, we need to understand some of the accessories have the common symptoms of inflammation.

Common symptoms include inflammation of the attachment of patients may have a fever, chills, abdominal pain. Abdominal bulge, or light or heavy, and accompanied by increased vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders. Visible, bloody vaginal discharge is not a common symptom of inflammation of attachment. So, how bloody vaginal discharge caused it?

Experts point out that led to bloody vaginal discharge because of the following two aspects;

1 uterine or cervical disease can cause bloody vaginal discharge. Such as cervical polyps, severe cervical erosion, cervical cancer and other gynecological diseases can cause bloody vaginal discharge. In addition, intrauterine placed IUD, also in the bloody vaginal discharge after menstruation.

2 physiological bloody vaginal discharge after menstruation appears. More common in the female menstrual bleeding is a normal physiological phenomenon. Last two or three days, bleeding can be stopped on their own.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Reasons Causing Endometritis

Endometritis caused by reasons which: endometritis is a common gynecological inflammation, damage to the health of women a great, easy to recurrent endometrial great impact on female fertility, will be too thick or too thin affect the ability of the fertilized egg's implantation. So the reason causing endometritis, what does?

Experts pointed out that the endometritis caused by many reasons, find endometritis should go to regular hospital treatment because of endometrial implantation of fertilized eggs can affect the ability, if there is inflammation, then, will women fertility some impact. Endometrial inflammation was mainly due to edema, congestion situation, continue to be infiltration of inflammatory cells. Endometritis occurred mainly in patients with fever, bloody vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge or other symptoms, abdominal pain will appear, some of the uterus may be, somewhat larger, then the uterus will have pain. Endometritis if serious, will be further developed to the uterus myositis, salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, and so on.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Smoking, drinking, why cause male infertility?

Smoking, drinking, why cause male infertility? Are many causes of male infertility, new research shows that smoking and drinking can also cause male infertility phenomenon, then what is smoking, drinking, why cause male infertility it?

Men smoking and drinking can also cause male infertility

Male experts say, smoking and drinking is not only the enemy of prenatal and postnatal care, and male infertility is caused by external reasons. Smoking can interfere with male friends and the disruption of normal spermatogenesis, causing impaired spermatogenesis, causing infertility. Smoking may also cause male sperm quality decline, low sperm motility, reduces the chance of pregnancy, and children born much lighter weight than non-smokers, male friends should be taken seriously enough.

First of all, tobacco, alcohol can damage the male sexual function, causing male infertility. Smoking is causing damage to arteries of men, especially the common atherosclerosis risk factors. Atherosclerosis, the penile blood pressure index was significantly decreased, significantly reduced blood type, and induce impotence. Alcohol on male sexual function is also very harmful effects. Alcohol can cause gonadal toxicity, serious damage to the Leydig cells, inhibiting testosterone synthesis, so that lower androgen levels, leading to severe impotence.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Whether The Pill Cause Infertility?

Q: As the menstrual flow, obstetrics and gynecology doctors want me to take contraceptive pills. Two years ago, wants to pregnancy, so I stopped taking, but it can not be pregnant. My husband and I checked no cause had been. Is not caused by the pill before I infertility services? (28 years old, infertility treatment calendar year)

A: pill does not cause infertility, but the oral contraceptive pill, the menstrual flow will be temporary phenomenon. But almost in the menstrual period of instability with the young, then naturally there will be such a menstrual abnormalities, that is, even without taking the contraceptive pill may also occur.

Oral contraceptive pill because you are after, and no abnormal menstrual problems, and should therefore belong to unexplained infertility it!

Abortion Cause Infertility It?

Q: 17 years of age had abortions, moving, as it has been entered for 16 weeks, the use of analgesics to promote abortion later period smoothly, but has been married five years, not pregnant, because of abortion's sake do? (30 years old , infertility treatment calendar year)

A: No, because of abortion led to increased risk of infertility, but the post-abortion complications after surgery may lead to infection or inflammation of the endometrium paste, or tubal inflammation or occlusion. Liezi relatively few such .

Modern abortion is not pain, as long as the open mouth of the uterus, using a safe method to attract, or cast after surgery with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agent after abortion rarely causes infertility even larger in the fetus during abortion, will use the method appropriate to their number of weeks, and there is no risk of causing infertility.

I have served so many ovulation drugs, behind so many eggs, or do not conceive why?

Pregnancy ovulation just to know the four conditions: sperm meets egg, channel, and the environment one. Row of more eggs, no sperm with tubal ovum is not, or is accompanied by endometriosis, or can not successfully conceive.

In general, the use of ovulation drugs before these four conditions are necessary for a complete understanding. In addition, ovulation excellent condition, other tests are no problem, why can not conceive it? In fact, we now all infertility tests, not able to completely clear up the reasons. Sperm activity, the number is good, but whether they can successfully enter the uterus, fallopian tube? And whether there is fertilization capacity?

Fallopian tube is smooth, but is sticking outside the tube, trumpet (fimbria) eggs can not crawl it? Whether within the abdominal cavity outside the uterus endometriosis in bugging them? Everything is perfect but if fertilization of the embryo implantation in the womb do not? Today, no matter how artificial reproductive technologies can not be more than 50%, which represents everything we are more ignorant of the physiology of pregnancy.

Eggs Will Ovulate Every Month Or So Interactive It?

Q: Will ovaries around ovulation each month, it interactive? I am in ovulation period, often feel a slight pain in lower abdomen. 6 years ago by a doctor to determine ovarian cyst, which will become the reason of infertility?

A: the egg is not necessarily turn around the development. Egg development, ovulation before, there are some mature eggs, wrap the egg follicle becomes large. One (the protagonist follicle) will ovulate.

In the end to the egg from which side, in the period to 10 days after the first to know. If one side of the tube there is a problem for ultrasound in this period, the survey from the follicle in the end is about the development side out.

Although about one each ovary, but some people frequently unilateral ovarian ovulation. This situation is bad in the side of the state occurs when the ovaries, the column such as ovarian endometriosis after surgery or the case will appear.